Static & Dynamic Analysis

In this particular blog, i will walk you through the internals of Stop Ransomware where we will see the static as well as dynamic analysis of Stop Ransomware.

Japan faces consistent threat from NK APT Lazarus.


In this particular blog , i will walk you through internals of two malware “VSingle” and “ValeforBeta” used by Unit180 in targeted hacking operations against Japan as like the hacking operations was done by Unit180 in “Operations Dream Job” against Japan where they had used “Torisma” and “LCPDot”. In this campaign also malware were build following similar tactics and techniques.


Static Analysis (Basic)

Reverse Engineering New Variant of Ransomware seen in 2021

Babuk Ransom is the newly discovered ransomware that targets enterprises as the operation called Big Game Hunting. Babuk threat actors first and the foremost seen in 2021 as being lurking as part of double extortion groups. In this blog i will be revering latest sample of Babuk ransom.

The sample analyzed in this report has hash as:

18e299d4331ccff805275b21f33be0a3bd3d1d9ce72a79ba78d2f32dd657bfbb .


Static Analysis (Basic)

Ransomware used to target Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Recently attackers of APT groups started-off targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers after the flaw( 0day ) in the Microsoft exchange servers was published on github. As the 0day exploit is being published on github attackers of APT groups started hacking on MS-Exchange servers by scanning the servers for the 0day vulnerability and ransom’ing servers with the DearCry ransomware. In this blog i will be walking you through the reverse engineering of DearCry ransom where you will be seeing me reversing DearCry ransom for Static and Dynamic Analysis.

Static and Dynamic Analysis

Analysis of .Net Ransomware of “Ryzerlo” Malware Family.

Intezer Report: .

Static Analysis (Basic)

This blog is about analysis of Trojan packed in APT29 PolyGlot Duke.

Static and Dynamic Analysis

Static Analysis (Basic)

Unpacking, Static and Dynamic Analysis of PolyGlot Duke.


It’s a 64-bit malware. Which is basically a packed.

Advance Persistence Threats recent targeted espionage and collaboration.

In this particular we will see the matching patterns in malware targeted codes by APTs recently being observed in organised cyber crime activities.

Assertion after Analysis (APTs Collaborating)

APT-C-41, APT40, APT28, APT39, APT29,UNC2452, UNC2546, APT37 and APT38.

Starting off from StrongPity and Chinese APT tool SManager.

Entry function of both the malware from APT-C-41 and APT40 are quiet similar. Where StrongPity uses executable as backdoor on the other hand APT40 uses .dll for its cyber espionage tool for its targets.

Quick and Dirty way to unpacking SManager Chinese APT tool.

It’s SManager Loader analysis:

It’s SManager analysis:

Here we go for unpacking SManager Tool.

Here look carefully, Entropy is high around 6.727. Its the 32bit malware loader which we have to hammer down to SManager executable.

Spyware targeting India & Pakistan with India-Pakistan Conflict Propaganda.


Static and Dynamic Analysis

Static Analysis(Basic)


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